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The day will never come when Yotsuyanagi has a voice and that makes me sad

My kichiku megane novel came in the mail today *A*

Composition & Vocals: C.G mix

Lyrics: Ayumi Kida

Translation: Hiragi-HOUX

[I’ll embrace you, even if all is destroyed
I’ll never depart from you
My arms, and these trembling emotions,
I want to believe in them

Lost things, that distorted form,
Those lingering changes, that day
That place, that time,
That moment, all of this is so I can regain them

Even though I chase your back, I continue to be lost
The pouring rain has now erased all of my fears

I’ll embrace you, even if all is destroyed
I’ll never depart from you
My arms, and these trembling emotions,
I want to believe in them

I want to protect them, although I just break them;
These feelings of mine
I’ll embrace you, even if all is destroyed
I want to believe in that]












A GIF showing what it’s like to wake up with sleep paralysis.

You’re forgetting the terrifying hallucinations

As someone who’s had sleep paralysis multiple times, let me tell you that if your mind has woken up and your body hasn’t DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN YOUR EYES. Wake your body up first by slowly trying to move it, wiggle your toes and hands, then gradually work your way up until your body is fully awake. Opening your eyes when you have sleep paralysis is hard enough, but when you do there is a good chance you can see hallucinations like this. 

I also have been the victim of sleep paralysis too many times, its bad enough without hallucinations, and so i thought i would add some info on sleep paralysis for anyone who suffers from it. 

  • As Shada said, wiggling toes and hands are good ways to snap out of it, although other small body parts work, even humming/talking (although things related to breathing might be more difficult). Just FOCUS on one part, its hard to regain control, but easy to become paralyzed again.
  • Once you can move again, dont go right back to sleep, you might get paralyzed again. Or have the worst dreams of your life. Turn on a light, do something relaxing, like reading a book. Its been said that looking at a light before sleeping can prevent sleep paralysis.
  • Sleeping on your back rises the chances of you getting sleep paralysis. If you get it a lot, pay attention to what position you are in when it occurs.
  • Hallucinations, the  best part, arent just things like in the gif above. They could be anything from just dark shapes floating around, to scary monsters and demons to sounds and feeling like something is shaking/touching you. I’ve had an experience where it felt like my bed was shaking while a metallic screeching sound roared whenever i tried to breath. Solution? ignore it. Its all you can do. Hallucinations cant actually do anything to you, and you cant move again if you’re being distracted. And once the paralysis is gone, so are the  hallucinations.
  • Most people dont really have to worry, they will only get it once or twice in their life. Maybe not even ever! :D

listen to the person above when they say you should NOT open your eyes, because chances that you’ll see something that is uniquely terrifying to you are strong. and if it’s really bad, you might even start seeing scary shit even when your eyes are closed

my tip is to imagine the most ridiculous image/scene ever and keep replaying it in your head, over and over again, like robert downey jr butt naked or hugh dancy being confronted by police for taking pictures of airport carpets, etcetera etcetera

trust me. it works

reblogging because this is important and because you mentioned Hugh Dancy and his ridiculous airport carpet obsession

No but really sleep paralysis is fucking terrifying.
This is excellent advise I must keep in mind.

Sleep Paralysis is, indeed, fucking terrifying (first-hand experience), so if it happened to you or to anyone you know and there’s a possibility it can happen again, read and share this.

I REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW THIS AND OTHERS SHOULD KNOW THIS TOO. This is the very god damn reason I can’t sleep in the fucking dark. I’ve only had it once but that one time was all I needed to erase my long time in therapy and bring me back to step 1. I had no fucking idea what sleep paralysis was and the fact that it gave you hallucinations. So please, if you have debilitating horror triggers, READ THIS. PLEASE DONT SCROLL PAST THIS, YOU MAY NEED THIS.


woah, thanks to this post i actually learned i have sleep paralysis and not lucid dreams… amazing.


Only thing worse than being in the tiny tiny tiny kichimega fandom is being in the near nonexistance STEAL! fandom….

Hajime is too cute, I want one Q///Q

Sometimes I just sit here and cry because strcmp code and rldev and parameters and interpreters and all this stuff



please watch this it’s 6 seconds long

If I am ever upset send me this video. It is scientifically proven that this video will cheer me up no matter what. I have been sobbing in the middle of the night and I STILL LAUGHED when I saw this video. This video is everything I hope to be in life.

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someone didn’t think this through.

Laughed for like 3 days.

You can see the exact moment where it realizes its mistake.

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my hobbies include talking about my fandom to people who don’t care about my fandom

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Let’s do a tag game where we don’t use words, just commonly put together letters:

  • co
  • ie
  • ta
  • po
  • sc
  • si
  • bl
  • mu


There he is, my prince <33

*lies down* perfect Hajime is perfect


Mom walks in

Mom: Stop looking at the skeletons please…


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