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| Hori ・ Hollie ・ Hiragi |

Obsessed with cute businessmen way older than herself (〃・ω・〃)

Taichi Igarashi is a precious being and must be protected at all costs (◡‿◡✿)
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Welp, besides some bugfixing and whatnot, proem is finished.

I wanna squish protagonists face

i love this game i love the main character i just love everything


the first person to die was probably like “dude what”


(元記事: smoakweadevaryday (nerdgirljessiから))

No other choice

by Katsuya Yoshida

16 再生

No other choice

Kichiku Megane ED2





99 bottles of self hate on the wall 

take one down 

toss it around

shit i knocked it on the ground fucking hell i’m such a piece of shit 

98 bottles of self hate on the wall 

When you get to 0…do you suddenly start liking yourself?

no you turn around and suddenly there’s 99 more bottles 

this is actually a really good analogy



Yea the kichimega 4koma book thing finally arrived. I was greeted by a naked mini R

Ughh so jealous *A*

Truth and Reconciliation

by Akira Yamaoka

Album: Silent Hill 2 Aethryix Soundtrack

1,737 再生


Truth and Reconciliation - Silent Hill 2


Kichiku doodles @ school

Lookit dem cute lil shits QwQ

Just translated one of C.G mix’s songs only to realise it’s the opening song for Gakuen Heaven. I don’t know why I find this amusing

C.G mix/version up -Promotion movie-

Happy birthday you pyromaniac shit cute closet-tsundere~


Someone explain how Matsuura is that moe and tiny and how Fujita is taller than pretty much everyone-