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150% Kichiku Megane and STEAL! trash (◡‿◡✿)

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me: *points at adult character who is taller, stronger and older than me* small child. must protect at all costs. shelter. very tiny



Pretty simple!


I’m just imagining Asuka putting on Ryoichi’s glasses for fun but then realizing he’s made a horrible mistake and ends up with a horrible headache.


important ship question: who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt



journalism at its finest

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Awkward moment when I just realised that Matori and Shintaro have the same voice actor ._.


Valais blacknosed sheep. Although the earliest mention of it dates back to 1400, this large, docile mountain sheep was first recognised as a separate breed in 1962. It has adapted particularly well to life in the high Swizz mountains and grazes even on the steepest, stoniest slopes. The black patches on its nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet and otherwise light woolly coats make it quite unmistakeable.


be with you (full version)

by 翠

Album: STEAL! O.S.T.

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It’s a morning of departure
Our overlapping hands clasp tightly
Every kisses make a line
Your warmth envelops around me

I’m gonna keep your dream you gave me
Having met you was a true miracle,
An irreplaceable treasure
Please let me keep your dream, yes

And now, my words are clumsy but
I dedicate them to you so many times
Let me hear your voice because, hey, it’ll reach me
I’ll be right by your side for always
Be with you

It’s a destiny in my life time
You wake the sleeping me
Every touch will change the color
Your voice changes my entire world

You lead me to a dazzling new world
Where we craft memories
That I don’t want to be forgotten by us as long as they last
Please let me keep my faith, yes

It’ll never end, wherever you are, see
Even if you’re hurting, I’ll hold you
I can hear it, your voice, it’s keeping so very strong
We’ll just keep walking, without letting go of our interlocked hands
Be with you

If stormy nights come, I’ll protect you from them
And even if daily struggles split us apart
I’m by your side

And now, if you’re shedding tears, wherever you are,
You can go and overcome it
The love you have for me, yes, it has changed me
Flap your wings and head to the distant sky
Wherever you are, I’ll always continue 
Down the path that you love
With you…

You know what this is

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gif from here





Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk.

watch the whole thing it’s great

my dad and i are fucking losing it

the 1 kg box killed us

They invented kangaroos.



Do it now.





I suddenly have a desire to replay Mana Khemia despite the fact it took me absolute goddamn ages to finish it once…and knowing me I’d end up just *accidentally* drifting back onto my favourite character’s story path again >_>lll

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